Launching BETSI | Bulk Editing Tool, Simple & Intuitive

After months of preparations, coding, building and implementing, we are quite excited to announce in afew days we official launch our BETSI (Basic) app. | BETSI (Basic) Application

BETSI | Bulk Editing Tool, Simple & Intuitive is the first out of browser application tool build by

Since 2009 we have been working with the Etsy API to develop a number of web based tools and resources that is hosted on our sister site Tools4etsy.

We realise that there are alot of other third party Etsy applications out there for the Etsy Seller. Our goal with BETSI was to develop an app that is easy to navigate, time efficient and intuitive.

Our Team Blugrin has been a melting pot of ideas, whilst we have our own plans of implementation of new features, we have been fortunate enough to be engaged with fellow etsian in our team, which have proven to be an additional driving force for the development of certain features included in BETSI’s inaugural launch. The app is built specifically for Etsy Sellers, and is designed to make shop/listings management effortless and resourceful.

A list of all BETSI’s features can be found here. We have more features yet to add into this version of BETSI (Basic), including; Listing Creation, Shipping Template Management, Image Editing, Scheduling and more …

A PRO version of BETSI will also be released at a later date, and this version will support, Multi-shop and Sales & Marketing Campaign as acouple of the key features. Keep a watch on this space :)

If you are interested, you can visit us and sign up to be notified!

~ Jacinta

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