Being an Etsy seller, we found that running and maintaining a shop, whether you have 50 Listings or 1,000+ listings, is a time consuming process that takes valuable time away from crafting product and building the business.

Etsy Search Relevancy positioning, Search Engine Optimisation, running a sale, preparing for relisting, or updating shipping rates, are common tasks that Etsy Sellers are doing on a daily and weekly basis.

Updating listings one at a time is a slow process. We felt that there had to be a better way.

Blugrin’s mission is to make managing your Etsy shop easier and more enjoyable. Our tools for bulk managing Etsy Listings allow Sellers of all sizes to make informed decision and update Listings faster than ever before. Trusted by many Etsy sellers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Blugrin helps Etsy Sellers maximize their productivity and “deliver more than expected” every day.

We listen to our customers. We take into account your needs and work on things that deliver value for you. We consider our customers as friends and we treat them like friends – with respect, honesty, understanding and genuine desire to help.

We have been building and maintaining an .Net API communication library (EtsyV2NET) and applications for Etsy since 2009.


As true craftsmen, we don’t believe in compromises and our goal is to only release tools that we can be proud of. We innovate and don’t imitate.


Built from the same application core used in our full bulk editing tool, BETSI LITE is a web-based application, with select tools, that any Etsy Seller can use to manage core Listing data for Active Listings quickly and easily.

No credits, no activation keys, no operation limits – totally unlimited and FREE.

BETSI Standard

The ultimate Windows & MAC bulk editing desktop application for Etsy Sellers that includes a complete stack of tools to manage the Listings in your Etsy shop.

Fully flexible real-time search & filtering, adaptive Listing display cards, to time-saving custom tools, work with any Listings simply & intuitively. Backed by dedicated support and on going development, BETSI helps many Etsy Sellers cut the time managing Listings on Etsy by up to 90% to focus on your creativity rather than being tied down one to Listing at a time.

Learn one, you learn both.

Use BETSI LITE or take the free trial to see how our tools can help you manage your Etsy shop more effective and efficiently.


Tools4Etsy.com was launched in January 2010 and was designed to give buyers and sellers a set of useful tools to explore Etsy with key information; SEO friendly; and drive traffic to Etsy sellers. Tools4Etsy.com currently has 3+ million pages index by google and 60,000+ unique vistors per month.


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